The Coocoo House


Available Doves as of October 23, 2021...

I will be listing young 2021 pairs with photos (in Plain-headed, Crested, Tufted, and Silky) as they become available.

There are a variety of colors...Tangerine Pearled, Violet Neck, Orange, Rosy, Cream, Pied, Apricot, Champagne, Ivory and Blond Ivory.

Ringneck Dove Color Varieties

Pairs are from $80 and up... depending on the color and feather type.  No singles available at this time.

At times I may also offer proven breeders for sale.

  If you have a certain color pair in mind that you want... please contact me to see if  I can put that color pair together for you.

Young Crested Pair

2021 Cream Crested male

2021 Rosy Crested female

$90 for the pair