The Coocoo House


Available Doves as of May 23, 2023...  

10 day old Peach baby 

I am currently sold out of pairs and singles.  I will have young 2023 pairs available in the late fall or so.

Pairs are $80 and up. 

I possibly may have some single males available later on... but very rarely do I have single females available.

Prices for the 2023 young doves:

Plain-headed - $40 each

Plain-headed Silky - $45 each

Crested and Tufted - $50 each

Crested Silky and Tufted Silky - $55 each

Double Crested - $60 each

Double Crested Silky - $65 each

So far, these are the 2023 doves that will be available...I will be adding more as the breeding season goes on:

Plain-headed Peach

Crested Peach

Crested Roan

Crested Cream

Crested Light Cream

Plain-headed Frosty Pied

Crested Frosty Pied

Tufted Tangerine Pearled Silky

Tufted Tangerine Pearled

Tufted Minimal Tangerine Pearled

Tufted Violet Neck

Crested Mimic Snow White

Crested Champagne 

Crested Apricot Pied

Crested Apricot

Crested Wild Pied

Crested Frosty Pied

Double Crested Tangerine

Double Crested Violet Neck Silky