The Coocoo House


Doves I Raise

I raise five feather types in Ringneck Doves...

Normal (some call them Smooth), Silky, Tufted, Crested and Double Crested.

The Silky Mutant

The Tufted Mutant

The Crested Mutant

Mutations and colors I raise..

Blond Ivory, Blond Ivory Pied, Blond Ivory Frosty, Dark Ivory, Dark Ivory Pied, Silver Ivory, Apricot, Apricot Pearled, Apricot Neck, Apricot Pied, Wild Pied, Blond Pied, Tangerine Pied, Orange Pied, Platinum, Champagne, Champagne Pearled, Champagne Pied, Light Platinum, Tangerine Pearled, Tangerine Whiteback, Violet Neck, Ash, Ash Pearled, Orange, Orange Pearled, Orange Whiteback, Orange Neck, Light Ash, Light Ash Pearled, White, Ivory White, White Frosty, Mimic Snow White, Blond Frosty and Rosy.

Single Mutants

Combination Colors